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The utility industry has gone through tremendous changes over the years due to customers demands for new products and  better service, increased competition as well as growth and  expansion within the sector. Utilities need to respond and adapt to these changes or face oblivion with competitors keen to increase  their share of the energy market.

The Sonix Billing Solutions are designed with  flexible and functional capabilities specifically to meet the  electricity, water and gas billing needs. This integrated system  allows  easy access to customers' information; has a full complement of payment  options that interfaces to various payment agencies; offers web-based customer self-service; streamlines and simplifies business processes  quickly; automates queue-based workflow and tasks. For our clients,  these capabilities  means:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Lower operational and service cost
  • Improved cash flow and profit


The Sonix┬® Billing Suite supports the full  billing process from prospecting and sign-up, billing, revenue  management and collection to financial management. As our customers'  business needs change and grow, our billing solutions  will also grow and change in tandem. Changes or additions will be solely customer-driven to reflect our client's needs and requirements.

Sonix xCRM

Sonix xComm

Sonix xServe

 Sonix xPay

 Sonix xWeb


The Sonix Billing System is a future proofed investment as it:

  • Has zero-cost deployment using Internet Explorer
  • Is proven on Oracle and MS SQL Server database
  • Is used on Windows and Linux Operating System Microsoft MS and Apache Web Server
  • Has a high performance workflow and billing engine


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