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Prepay Electricity Meters

MultiSonix developed the Standard for Prepay Encoding (SPE) for the prepay meters for use in Asia, in particular the Indonesian market. The encoding uses Active Smart Card Technology which enable high security two-way communication between devices.

The encoding standard documentation is available to all suppliers who wishes to modify their meters to conform to the SPE specifications.

Features of the encoding standard include:

  • Purchase Top-up in monetary units (e.g. Rupiah)
  • Individual customer profile including low credit alarm
  • Debt reduction with customized percentages
  • Pesta tariff (unique to PLN)
  • Ubah Daya (change of ampere)
  • Online and Offline purchase of Top-up. Offline purchase enable the appointment of resellers nation wide for convenience of customers.
  • Fully compliant with PLN tariff for single and 3-phase customers.

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