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MultiSonix specializes in providing integrated Billing, Customer Relationship and Revenue Management Solutions as  well as IT Services to the utility industry, local government and financial institutions.

We are fully committed to deliver a responsive, flexible and cost-effective billing system that will not only support our  clients' requirements but one that will also enable them to meet the demands and  challenges of a regulated energy market.

The Sonix Billing Suite and CreditTrac Revenue Management Solutions are architected for the browser  environment, meaning zero deployment cost for our clients and future proofing their investment at the same time. Its innovative  and modular design ensures a high performance workflow; enabling a fast, timely and accurate billing and collection process every time. 

The system's functionality and scalability allows utilities to stay ahead of the ever changing technology and respond quickly to horizontal and vertical growth within the organization and industry. In essence, the Sonix Solutions provides utilities with vital tools to improve their cash flow, operating efficiencies  and customer service.

 Sonix for the Electricity  Industry:

Residential and industrial billing with user definable consumption charges and demand tariff; simplifies calculation of  complex tariff structures/industrial billing; combines usage from multiple meters into single bill; collection and provision of consumption data to utility customers.

 Sonix for the Water Industry:

Generates water consumption and sewerage charges, with the latter  being billed based on land valuation; features reporting tools for accurate forecasting and better management of energy consumption;  calculate and print bills on demand; manages distribution of bills  and collection of revenue from various payment agencies.

 Sonix for the Gas Industry:

Generates consumption charges based on calorific, temperature and  pressure values; pricing and discounting options.

 The Sonix software package is designed specifically to meet the electricity, gas and water billing needs, but the system's  functionality and flexibility means it is also capable of billing other related products and services  like refuse, wastewater and sewage.

 Sonix CreditTrac for Financial  and Credit Collection Institutions:

Generates workflow to ensure all overdue payments, including interest are received in a timely manner. Restructures Non-Performing Loans and monitors payment schedules to reduce bad debt write-offs

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